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Unveiling the GAC Line-up Cars

Published: 6/19/2023
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Unveiling the GAC Line-up Cars

GAC Motors has established itself as a leading brand in the automotive industry, captivating car enthusiasts with its innovative designs and cutting-edge technology. As The official Distributor of GAC, Qudra Arabia has committed to delivering the latest GAC cars to the Iraqi market, in this article, we are going to discover the line-up of GAC cars that customers can buy today.

The GAC GS4 2023

The GAC GS4 2023 elevates the compact SUV experience with its refreshed exterior design, confident presence, and modern aesthetics. It offers a range of luxurious options, including a sunroof, 360 camera, and seat cooling. the engine is delivering impressive performance and fuel efficiency. The interior is crafted with premium materials and features advanced technology for a refined and comfortable driving experience.

The GAC GS8 2023

The GAC GS8 2023 redefines full-size SUV luxury with its sophisticated design, commanding presence, and refined details. It houses a robust powertrain, advanced suspension systems, and intelligent all-wheel drive capabilities, ensuring a smooth and commanding performance on any terrain. The lavish cabin offers comfort, spaciousness, and advanced technology features for an opulent driving experience.

You can visit the GAC showroom by clicking here.