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Test drive multiple EXEED Cars! Explore the limits of driving control!

Published: 4/30/2023
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From April 20th to 21st, EXEED hosted a test drive event in Wuhu, China for dealers and journalists worldwide. The event offered them a first-hand experience to rate the performance and driving experience of the upcoming cars and provide their feedback.

During the event, EXEED introduced a wide range of cars, including the E03 sedan, E0Y SUV, RX and VX SUVs. There were many driving arenas, including an off-road experience area, a comprehensive experience area, and a racing experience area, which consisted of a variety of test drive programs to showcase all the capabilities of these cars.

At the very first entrance of the area, dealers and journalists were impressed by the E03's elegant body shape and sculpture. The E03 leads its class with extremely low drag factors, excels in aerodynamics, and breaks new ground for smart luxury electric sedans. The E0Y was also displayed in the area, which is a B-class pure electric SUV car with a body length of nearly 5 meters.

The test drive site, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters, offers an opportunity to experience three different driving experience zones: the off-road, the comprehensive, and the racing test zone.

Prior to the test drive, the EXEED test drive instructor prepared the participants by providing comprehensive training covering basic vehicle operation, safety precautions, and an introduction to vehicle performance. During the training, the test drive instructor also taught the participants how to better master the driving skills of the car by showing the full operation to ensure safety during the test drive.

Instructor also taught the participants how to master the driving skills of the car better by showing the full operation to ensure safety during the test drive.

RX is one of the main cars dedicated to the driving experience, which adopts the new design concept called "the art of light," presenting a beautiful appearance as well as creating a high-end driving quality and a luxurious interior.

It demonstrates its strength in the off-road test area, including events on bumps and side slopes.

During the driving test, the participants tested the RX's ability to handle complex terrain, as the model revealed not only the power of the 2.0T engine and 400Nm of torque but also the magnetic suspension system "CDC" and the intelligent all-wheel drive system.

 "All Terrain" allows them to control the vehicle, its speed, and direction on any adventure with ease.

In addition to the RX, the participants also tried the newly updated VX and TXL. The VX's superior power and technology were thrilling in the racing experience area, showcasing the powerful performance of the 2.0 8AT engine with 24 active driving assistance technologies unique to its new generation of flagship fuel cars.

The TXL, with its smooth and comfortable intelligent stop/start feature and excellent performance measurements, gave the participants a chance to maintain powerful and accurate steering in the integrated experience zone, and consistent high-speed lane changes, redefining the premium, heavy feel of the EXEED.

EXEED team listens carefully to participants' feedback and plans to incorporate it into subsequent research and development to continuously improve product and service design, depending on a philosophy that puts the customer first. EXEED is not just an automobile brand, but an automobile culture created in collaboration with customers. Through continuous innovation and development, EXEED will continue to provide better products to meet customers' needs, desires, and expectations for the ultimate driving experience.